The Rocky Mountain Collection

Posted by Taylor Barkin on

Today we are launching our highly-requested Rocky Mountain Collection. This Collection is made up of two series: The Denver Series and The Colorado Series. Both series aim to encapsulate the place we love the most, our home, Colorado.⁣

For each series we have made limited edition packs. We have only made 50 of each pack.

The Denver Series has 2 Denver coasters⁣, 3 Denver stickers⁣, 1 Denver koozie⁣, 1 Denver tote, 1 Denver bandana⁣, and 1 Denver pennant.

The Colorado Series has 1 Colorado limited-edition Blue Spruce Candle, 1 Moore matchbook⁣, 1 Colorado tote, 1 Colorado pennant, and 1 seed mix which includes over 15 seed types of native Colorado wildflowers, including two different varieties of Columbines, the Colorado State Flower⁣. 


Each series is available for $38 to celebrate Colorado's place as the 38th state. ⁣The packs are even put together in a reusable planter!

The Denver and Colorado totes featured in these packs are also available individually and in a pack of two (one of each kind). 

In addition to the limited edition packs, we have also created seven new t-shirt designs. These designs are also based on our home of Denver and Colorado and have the same high quality as all our other t-shirts. 





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